Beginner Workout Routines

This site includes simple to follow beginner workout routines and it’s here to help you achieve youNothing will work until you do.r workout and fitness goals. Including actual weight training and resistance workouts designed for beginners plus much more.

Sometimes people mistakenly think that they need to spend long periods of time working out 5 times a week or more to get results, this is just one of those workout myths that float about. Performing simple workouts that last 30 – 40 minutes will be enough to make significant improvements, even 10 to 20 minute workouts can be beneficial depending on your goals.

Try not to become consumed with instant gratification and wanting great results instantly, whipping yourself into shape should be a life long commitment not a short term goal.

Some of the beginner workouts available on this site

While the example workouts on this site are free to use, your main goal should be to create your own workouts. However if you’re a complete beginner to weight training it may take some time and experimenting before you feel confident enough to do this.

There are many factors to consider when creating your workout, for example workout frequency, duration and the actual exercises to perform and the amount of effort you exert. This may seem overwhelming at first but it’s just like learning anything else, just stick with it and you will be creating your own workouts in no time.

The information on this site comes from a combination of my own personal experiences and studies in many areas of fitness. Much of the information is based on modern scientific data and research and my aim is to make the information on this site as accurate and as helpful as possible.

Where to go from here? For a selection of beginner workout routines see the pages listed at the top of this website.

The posts listed on the right hand side include information on individual exercises, plus information and tips on keeping and staying motivated to your workouts, gaining muscle mass and much more. You can also use the search function which is located in the top right hand corner.

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