Hello I'm Matt I have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for over 15 years. I have a passion for keeping myself in great shape and I would like to help others achieve their goals in fitness.

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Apr 10

Is Weightlifting Bad For Your Health?

Is Weightlifting Bad For Your Health?

Weightlifting sometimes gets a negative reputation for being bad for your heart, joints and health in general, is there any truth to it? There are a few common misconceptions about weightlifting floating around in the popular knowledge domain about the negative affects of lifting weights. So what is the truth and what is just myth? …

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Mar 08

Why do people lift weights and go to the gym?

I do this for myself, fitness Quote

Why do people go to the gym, to lift weights and keep fit. What are their motivations and reasons why they keep it up and why do some people quit? There are two main reasons why people start going the gym. They want to improve their health and/or looks/aesthetics. Both reasons are actually connected more …

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Jan 31

Myths About The Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Quote about hard work

What are the most common myths about the effects of taking anabolic steroids? just how much do they enhance athletic performance and muscle mass? There is so much supposedly common knowledge about steroids, however most of it is just massive misunderstandings about the effects of them. I wanted to address and list some of the …

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Oct 24

Hammer Curls – Arm Exercise

Hammer Curls

The hammer curl is a variant of the standard arm curl. This post includes three different variations and how to perform correctly instructions of the hammer curl variants. Exercise Info Exercise type – isolation Targeted muscles – Biceps, Brachialis, Forearms Equipment needed – Dumbbells (workout bench for some variations) Hammer Curl vs Normal Bicep Curls …

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Jul 22

How to Get Big & Build Size Naturally

Workout harder than yesterday quote

This post is all about getting big and building muscle size using the best natural methods. If you are reading this post you are likely to be on the skinny side looking to bulk up. If you’re already lean, then great your only goal is to build muscle mass. Getting that muscular ripped look should …

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Apr 26

Get a Fighters Body Like Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Success Quote

Add some variety into your workouts and get a fighters body like the UFC and MMA star Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the UFC right now, known for his fighting ability and also his fighting tongue. The training these guys undertake is different to other sports. They have to train their …

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Mar 15

Dumbbell Tate Press

How to do the Dumbbell Tate Press a little known exercise for the triceps for the more advanced weight lifters and those looking to add some variety to their workouts. This is the how to perform the Tate Press tricep exercise page, including step by step instructions plus a video of the exercise in motion …

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Feb 17

Daniel Craig James Bond Workout

Daniel Craig James Bond Workout Routine

Do you want to look like Daniel Craig? this article goes into his workout and diet habits which got him into shape for this role as James Bond 007. When he took over the role of James Bond in Casino Royal he changed the character. Not only was he the first blond bond he was …

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Sep 15

Good Cheap High Protein Food Sources

Are you looking for some good high protein food sources? if you want good quality protein for muscle development and repair at a reasonable cost then read on. Whey protein supplements are heavily advertised and some of these protein supplements can be very expensive and you might not want to spend that much which is …

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Aug 21

Exercise & Get Fit Without Workouts

Get fit without the gym

Do you not like the idea of going to the gym or sticking to a rigid workout schedule? if you don’t like the idea of a fixed workout schedule then this article is about exploring some alternative ways of exercising, losing weight and keeping fit. Most people are turned off by the idea of going …

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