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Hello I’m Matt

I have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for over 15 years. I have a passion for keeping myself in great shape and I would like to help others achieve their goals in fitness.

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Aug 08

How To Get V Shaped Abs

How To Get V Shaped Abs

So how does someone get that highly sought after V Shaped Abs look in the lower stomach area? What is V Shaped Abs? V shaped abs is the appearance in your lower abdominal area. It’s two cuts which can be visible with a low enough body fat percentage. These cuts start in the lower oblique …

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Jul 15

Basic Science Fitness Facts

Basic Science Fitness Facts

It’s time to look past all the myths and nonsense and get down to the actual science facts and findings. I have been doing some new research into fitness including weight loss, fat burning and muscle building. I wanted to know all the results and facts of the latest scientific research in the confusing world …

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Jun 29

Best Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off

the best way to lose weight and keep it off

There is so much information on this available online so what’s the best way to lose weight and keep it lost so you never have to worry about your weight again. I have said this many times before I dislike using the words “weight loss” because it is not fully accurate and it can be …

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Jun 16

The Low Fat Myth

The Low Fat Myth

What is the low fat myth and have you fallen for it? many have, low fat food products are everywhere but why? There seems to by an ever increasing and popular myth that fat is bad. This misconception is being fuelled further by the food industry. However in fairness food production companies are only giving …

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May 30

Will Cardio Burn Muscle Mass

will cardio burn muscle mass

Will performing cardio exercises reduce your muscle mass and drain your strength? There seems to be a belief which is a very common one. That belief is that performing cardio will prevent muscle growth and even cause the body to burn muscle to use as energy, therefore reducing muscle mass. This is known as being …

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May 06

How to do Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns

Wide grip lat pulldown or simply know as Lat Pulldowns is a great exercise for targeting your upper back muscles (Latissimus Dorsi). How to do the lat pulldown. The Wide Grip Lat Pulldown is very common exercise that is easy to perform and virtually every gym known to man has the cable machine required to …

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Apr 28

Landmine 180’s – Russian Twist Ab Exercise

Landmine 180's, Russian Twist

Landmine 180’s is an Abdominal and Oblique exercise, also known as the Russian Twist. This effective core exercise just requires a barbell to perform. The landmines 180’s exercise is a less well known yet highly rated exercise which targets the abdominal area and the muscles at the side of your stomach your oblique’s. The Landmine is a very useful …

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Apr 16

Around The Worlds – Chest Exercise

Around the worlds exercise

The around the worlds exercise with dumbbells is a weight training exercise which targets your chest/pectoral muscles. The around the worlds is a little known chest exercise. This page includes how to perform instructions, tips and a video showing the technique. Around the worlds is not one of those exercises where you can really go heavy such …

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Apr 09

Single Arm Barbell Jammer

single arm jammer exercise

How to perform the single arm jammer shoulder exercise, also known as barbell levers or jammer press. This shoulder exercise makes a great addition and some added variety into your shoulder workouts. I have personally found this exercise really effective for targeting those deltoids resulting in an almost instant burn and pump. This page includes …

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Apr 07

Car Drivers Shoulder Exercise

car drivers shoulder exercise

Car drivers or sometimes simply just known as drivers is a shoulder/deltoid exercise that is very easy to perform and effective for strengthening the muscles around the shoulder. This is one of the less well known shoulder exercises, many people have never tried it or even heard of it. It is great for adding some …

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