Hello I'm Matt I have been involved in fitness and bodybuilding for over 15 years. I have a passion for keeping myself in great shape and I would like to help others achieve their goals in fitness.

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Apr 07

Car Drivers Shoulder Exercise

Car drivers or sometimes simply just known as drivers is a shoulder/deltoid exercise that is very easy to perform and effective for strengthening the muscles around the shoulder. This is one of the less well known shoulder exercises, many people have never tried it or even heard of it. It is great for adding some …

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Mar 30

Cuban Press

How to do the Cuban Press shoulder exercise. This page includes step by step instructions, plus exercise tips. I talk about the benefits of performing this exercise and I recommend other shoulder strengthening exercises. The Cuban Press shoulder exercise incorporates many different movements giving the benefits of various different shoulder and trap exercises. The Cuban …

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Mar 17

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

How to do the dumbbell Romanian deadlift. This includes step by step instructions. Also what are the benefits of this exercise. This is a variation of the Romanian Deadlift exercise, using dumbbells rather than the standard barbell. Exercise Summary Primary muscles targeted – Hamstrings and lower back. Secondary muscles – Glutes and calves. Equipment needed …

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Mar 15

How to do Hack Squats

How to do Hack Squats and what are the benefits of this exercise. The hack squat is a variation of the common and popular squat exercise. I will include detailed information on the hack squat, how to perform instructions, tips and a video showing the correct technique for performing the exercise. Targeted muscles Primary – Quadriceps (Thighs) …

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Mar 11

Jefferson Squats

How to perform Jefferson Squats correctly and safely. The Jefferson Squat is a relatively unknown variation of one of the most popular and practiced exercises the Squat, it also has many benefits. This page provides information about the Jefferson Squat lift and includes how to perform instructions. I will include a video on performing this squat …

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Feb 17

Athlean-X Review

Athlean X Review

My Athlean X Review. This workout system was created by Jeff Calvaliere who is a personal trainer for professional athletes and celebrities. He was also the assistant coach and head physical therapist for the New York Mets. Athlean X Review The goal of the workout system is building muscle mass and simultaneously burn body fat. Achieving muscle mass …

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Feb 11

Weight Training Routines for Women

Workout Routines for Women

There are many benefits of weight training for women. However most women avoid it like the plague, because they see it as not feminine and not inline with their goals. Most women believe that cardio is the way to achieve their weight loss goals or ideal body. They fail to realise the potential benefits of …

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Feb 03

Top 10 Benefits of Weight Training

Top 10 Benefits of Weight Training

Why should you weight train? If you’re like most people, you likely believe that the only reason anyone should weight train is to bulk up and gain bigger muscles. While it’s true that the right training regimen can lead to increases in muscle size and strength, the benefits of weight training go far beyond bulking …

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Jan 26

Working out while sick, should I do it?

workout while sick

Should you be working out while sick, or should you just be resting in bed, can exercise help you recover or will it actually make you worse. There are obviously different levels and kinds of sickness so it really depends on how sick you actually are. It also depends on what sort of workout you …

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Jan 14

20 Minute Workouts

20 Minute Workout

20 minutes may not seem long enough to have an effective workout that is going to get results. However you can actually do a great deal in such a short time period. This page has two 20 minute workouts. One workout requires exercise equipment such as a barbell, dumbbells and a bench. The other workout …

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