Shoulder Workouts

This page has three beginner shoulder workouts for developing and strengthening your shoBeginner Shoulder Workoutsulders, also known as your deltoids.

The Workouts

One standard beginner workout which just requires dumbbells that can be performed at home or almost anywhere.

Plus there are two beginner shoulder workouts that require access to a full array of gym equipment.

With these workouts just focusing on your shoulders you can keep the workouts short, 15 – 30 minutes should be plenty of time to complete each workout.

It’s more common for split workouts to include 2 or 3 different body parts during the workout which is recommended for most people. However if you really feel the need to target a specific body part, in this case your shoulders, or you are very limited on time these single body part workouts may be just what you are looking for.

Different areas of the shoulder/deltoids

  • Anterior head – front of the shoulder
  • Middle head – central and side area of the shoulder
  • posterior head – back of the shoulder

All three areas of the deltoids should be trained to develop an equal balance in the shoulders which will also help to prevent shoulder injuries. There are a number of different exercises and variations of those exercises that can be used to target the different areas of the shoulder.

The below workouts include exercises that will target the Anterior, Middle and Posterior sections of the deltoids to develop strong, well balanced and good looking shoulders.

Caution and good technique should always be used when performing any form of exercise or workout, however this is especially true when it comes to your shoulders. Your shoulder joint is capable of the greatest range of motion than any other joint, for this reason it is more prone to injury.

Beginner Shoulder Workouts

Dumbbell Shoulder Workout  
Shoulder press510 - 12
Side shoulder raises48 - 10
Alternating front shoulder raises38 - 10 each arm
Gym Shoulder Workout One  
Barbell shoulder press410 - 12
Alternating front shoulder raises38 - 10 each arm
Dumbbell shoulder press410 - 12
Barbell jammer310 - 12 each arm
Gym Shoulder Workout Two  
Seated bent forward reverse shoulder raises38 - 10
Smith machine shoulder press510 - 12
Upright rows410 - 12







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