Category: Abdominal Exercises

Apr 28

Landmine 180’s – Russian Twist Ab Exercise

Landmine 180s

Landmine 180’s is an Abdominal and Oblique exercise, also known as the Russian Twist. This effective core exercise just requires a barbell to perform. The landmines 180’s exercise is a less well known yet highly rated exercise which targets the abdominal area and the muscles at the side of your stomach your oblique’s. The Landmine is a very useful …

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Nov 18

Performing Sit Ups – Ab Exercise

Sit Ups Ab Exercise

Sit ups is one of the most common and popular stomach exercises, it can be performed in various different ways. How to perform the sit up correctly. What do sit ups do? Sit ups strengthen your abs (stomach muscles) and can help to achieve a flat stomach or six pack. When ever most people think …

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Nov 09

How to do Leg/Knee Raises – Ab Exercise

Reg Raises

How to perform straight leg and knee raises correctly. Leg raises are great for training your abs, specifically the lower abs. One of the greatest things about these exercises, like with many other abdominal exercises, they can be performed at home on any flat surface. They’re extremely effective for targeting those abdominals, especially your lower …

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Nov 02

Performing Ab Crunches – Stomach Exercise

Ab Crunches

The abdominal crunch exercise is a great exercise for strengthening your abdominals. This page shows the different variations on how to perform this exercise. The Crunch is a very effective abdominal exercise, one of the great things about the abdominal crunch is that it doesn’t require any equipment to perform. However a piece of exercise equipment called the …

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