Category: Arm Exercises

Oct 24

Hammer Curls – Arm Exercise

Hammer Curls

The hammer curl is a variant of the standard arm curl. This post includes three different variations and how to perform correctly instructions of the hammer curl variants. Exercise Info Exercise type – isolation Targeted muscles – Biceps, Brachialis, Forearms Equipment needed – Dumbbells (workout bench for some variations) Hammer Curl vs Normal Bicep Curls …

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Mar 15

Dumbbell Tate Press

Tate Press

How to perform the Dumbbell Tate Press. The Tate Press is a lessor known exercise for the triceps. It’s ideally more suited to the more advanced weight lifters and those looking to add some variety to their workouts. This is the how to perform the Tate Press tricep exercise page, including step by step instructions …

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Dec 01

How to do Tricep Dips – Arm Exercise

How to do tricep dips. It is one of the best tricep exercises you can perform, it can even easily be performed at home without any gym equipment, however some form of equipment is needed even if it’s just a chair. Tricep dips or simply dips is a compound exercise that works and develops multiply muscles …

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Oct 26

How to do Tricep Extensions – Arm Exercise

How to do tricep extensions also know as skull crushes, is a fantastic isolation exercise for your triceps. There are many different variations of this exercise, some of these different variations will be shown below using different equipment and exercise positions. While the tricep extensions main focus is on the tricep, it does also work …

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Oct 20

How to Perform Bicep Curls – Arm Exercise

preacher bench

The bicep curl is a great isolation exercise, how to perform it correctly. The bicep curls primary focus is the bicep, secondary focus is on the muscles of the forearms and the brachialis. There are many different ways and variations of the bicep curl, a few of the best and most common ones are listed …

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