Category: Back Exercises

May 06

How to do Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

Wide grip lat pulldown or simply know as Lat Pulldowns is a great exercise for targeting your upper back muscles (Latissimus Dorsi). How to do the lat pulldown. The Wide Grip Lat Pulldown is very common exercise that is easy to perform and virtually every gym known to man has the cable machine required to …

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Mar 17

Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift

How to do the dumbbell Romanian deadlift. This includes step by step instructions. Also what are the benefits of this exercise. This is a variation of the Romanian Deadlift exercise, using dumbbells rather than the standard barbell. Exercise Summary Primary muscles targeted – Hamstrings and lower back. Secondary muscles – Glutes and calves. Equipment needed …

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Oct 06

How to do Deadlift & Stiff Leg Deadlift

How to perform the Deadlift exercise and what are the benefits of performing this exercise. The Deadlift is a compound exercise which is great for strengthening many major core muscles and it’s considered to be one of the best exercises for overall muscle and strength development. Equipment that can be used to perform the Deadlift …

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Aug 26

How to Perform Bent Over Lat Rows

Dumbbell Lat Row

How to do bent over lat rows, barbell and single arm dumbbell version. The lat row and its many variations is a great exercise for your upper back/Latissimus Dorsi. Benefits of Lat Rows The lat row exercise is a compound exercise and it’s great for working your whole back, especially the upper back. It will …

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Aug 04

How to Perform Pull Ups – Back Exercise

How to perform pull ups correctly. Pull ups is a really great exercise that has some very good benefits. It’s one of the best exercises for working the Latissimus Dorsi/ or Lats for short (this is the muscle responsible for giving your back width) and it’s also very effective at working the biceps. You do …

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