Category: Muscle Building

Jan 31

Myths About The Effects of Anabolic Steroids

Quote about hard work

What are the most common myths about the effects of taking anabolic steroids? just how much do they enhance athletic performance and muscle mass? There is so much supposedly common knowledge about steroids, however most of it is just massive misunderstandings about the effects of them. I wanted to address and list some of the …

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Jul 22

How to Get Big & Build Size Naturally

Workout harder than yesterday quote

This post is all about getting big and building muscle size using the best natural methods. If you are reading this post you are likely to be on the skinny side looking to bulk up. If you’re already lean, then great your only goal is to build muscle mass. Getting that muscular ripped look should …

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May 30

Will Cardio Burn Muscle Mass

will cardio burn muscle mass

Will performing cardio exercises reduce your muscle mass and drain your strength? There seems to be a belief which is a very common one. That belief is that performing cardio will prevent muscle growth and even cause the body to burn muscle to use as energy, therefore reducing muscle mass. This is known as being …

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Dec 22

Do you need to lift heavy to build muscle?

Weight Lifting

Yeah so do you need to lift heavy to build muscle mass? I will try and answer this very common question. I can answer this question immediately as both Yes and No! this may seem a little bit of a confusing answer but it’s true. While it may be true it’s not a very satisfying …

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Mar 24

Cardio and Muscle Building

Cardio and Muscle Building

So this is a common question, will performing cardio exercises hinder your muscle building ambitions? the answer to that question is, possibly! it all depends on your diet and if you are consuming enough calories to support muscle growth. It also depends on the amount of cardio and weight training you actually do. If you …

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Mar 03

Body Weight Exercises to Build Muscle

body weight exercises to build muscle

These are some of the best body weight exercises for building muscle, these exercises have no need for heavy weights, your body provides all the resistance needed in these exercises. You can use these exercises solely to just create a workout, or you can include them in your normal weight training workouts. Many body weight …

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Feb 03

Top 5 Workout Mistakes Men Make

Top 5 workout mistakes men make

This is the top 5 workout mistakes that men make when it comes to weight lifting and¬†building muscle. Lifting too much weight Guys lifting too much weight is very common and it’s a huge mistake for a few good reasons. If you’re lifting beyond your ability your technique is going to suffer and if your …

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Jan 26

Best 5 Exercises for Building Muscle

bench press

So what are the best 5 exercises for building muscle? some people will find some exercises more effective than others. The below list contains those that I have personally found to be the most effective. The list is also influenced by my research in the weight lifting and body building community, these exercises are also …

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Jan 19

Muscle Building & Workout Tips

Muscle Building Tips

Train your lower back and abdominals together Most people train their abdominals in the pursuit of getting a good looking stomach and in doing so they neglect training their lower back. However both should be trained equally to develop a strong balanced core, which could also prevent lower back problems in the future. The lower …

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Jan 12

Does Building Muscle Burn off Body Fat?

Muscle and Burning Body Fat

You may have heard this question, does muscle burn calories? is there any truth to it? and if so how effective is it for burning fat and increasing your metabolism? Our bodies burn calories around the clock, even while sleeping, so the idea of building some extra muscle to burn even more calories is a …

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