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Dec 22

Muscle Size vs Strength Any Difference?

Muscle Size vs Strength

Training for muscle size or strength, they are both connected however there are differences in how you train depending on what you aim to achieve. When we build muscle, we should also become stronger and when we become stronger there will be an increase in muscle mass. The two are very much connected as one would expect. …

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Dec 16

Can you Build Muscle and Burn Fat?

Can you build muscle and burn fat

So can it be done? can you build muscle and reduce your body fat percentage at the same time? To build muscle we need to consume more calories than the body normally requires, to burn body fat we need to consume less calories than the body requires. So it appears that on the surface that it …

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May 05

Would you Benefit from Muscle Building Supplements?

Would you Benefit from Muscle Building Supplements

Are muscle building supplements any good? and what benefits would you get from using them? This article talks about the pros and cons of taking supplements to help you decide on whether you need them. Are protein supplements for you? That depends on a few factors like how serious you are about building muscle and …

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Mar 24

How Muscular Development Works

muscular development

Performing heavy resistance exercise is the best way to develop muscle mass. When you place your muscles under enough stress it causes minor muscle tares, this is what causes the muscles to be sore the next day. The amount of soreness tends to reduce as the muscles get accustomed to exercise, however the soreness may never completely go. Heavy weight training is …

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Mar 24

Weight Training For Size & Strength Tips

weight training for size and strength

Weight training is a great way to increase strength, build muscle and to burn body fat. Tips for size and strength. Weight training for fat loss Weight training itself is not as effective as running or other cardio intensive workouts for burning calories in the short term. However a high repetition high intensity weight training workout is …

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