Category: Shoulder Exercises

Apr 09

Single Arm Barbell Jammer

How to perform the single arm jammer shoulder exercise, also known as barbell levers or jammer press. This shoulder exercise makes a great addition and some added variety into your shoulder workouts. I have personally found this exercise really effective for targeting those deltoids resulting in an almost instant burn and pump. This page includes …

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Apr 07

Car Drivers Shoulder Exercise

Car drivers or sometimes simply just known as drivers is a shoulder/deltoid exercise that is very easy to perform and effective for strengthening the muscles around the shoulder. This is one of the less well known shoulder exercises, many people have never tried it or even heard of it. It is great for adding some …

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Mar 30

Cuban Press

How to do the Cuban Press shoulder exercise. This page includes step by step instructions, plus exercise tips. I talk about the benefits of performing this exercise and I recommend other shoulder strengthening exercises. The Cuban Press shoulder exercise incorporates many different movements giving the benefits of various different shoulder and trap exercises. The Cuban …

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Sep 02

How to do Upright Rows – Shoulder Exercise

How to do upright rows correctly and safely, using a barbell and dumbbells. The upright row  is a compound exercise with the main focus of the exercise targeting your shoulders, it also works the traps and biceps. The upright row is an effective exercise for targeting the shoulders and traps, the width of your grip …

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Jul 21

How to do Shoulder Raises – Lateral Front & Rear

How to do lateral, front and rear shoulder raises? . They can be performed with dumbbells, kettlebells, cables and using a specifically built pin machine. The different variations of the side shoulder raise exercise can be used to target the front, middle and rear deltoid for full deltoid development. Benefits of the shoulder raise Full …

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Jul 02

How to do Shoulder Press

How to do the shoulder press exercise. It’s a compound exercise and one of the best exercises for building and strengthening your shoulders. Benefits you will get from this exercise Performing this exercise properly will deliver great results. It will broaden and strengthen your shoulders, significantly improving your upper body strength. Plus you will look …

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