Category: Workout Frequency

Jun 18

Should I Exercise on Vacation?

Beach holiday

Holiday workouts and exercising routines while on vacation. Some people may have no interest in working out while on vacation, seeing their vacation time as simply relaxation time only. However some of us, me included don’t find it that easy to just switch off our need to exercise. Exercise also helps us to relaxed and …

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May 20

How long should my workout be?

How long should my workout be

So how long should you workout for? you may have heard many different opinions and ideas on this. These suggestions can range anywhere from as little as 30 minutes or less to 2 hours or more. The truth is there is not any set time which is ideal to achieve results. The actual time that somebody should …

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Feb 24

How Often Should I Workout?

How often should I workout

One of the biggest questions in weight training! how many times a week should you workout? This is one of the most important questions to ask when it comes to weight training and one of the most important things to know. So How Often? How often should you be working out each week depends on what you are …

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