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Jun 30

Do I need a Workout Partner?

Motivation and Determination quotes

What is better, working out alone or with a workout partner? there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Generally it’s better to workout with somebody else, to have a spotter during your weight training workouts has a few different benefits. However sometimes training with somebody else or with a group of friends can actually hold …

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Apr 07

Top Cheesy Motivational Workout Songs

Top Cheesy Workout Songs

What are the best cheesy workout songs? this post includes my all time top 10 motivational workout songs. Listening to music while you train can be a great way to keep you motivated and help to relieve boredom during a long workout. I tend not to listen to music while I am in the gym because my workouts normally …

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Apr 06

Stay Motivated to Exercise

Exercise Motivation Tips

Do you struggle to stay motivated to exercise? this page gives you some tips and ideas on how to stay motivated to fitness and keeping in shape. Many things can keep us motivated to fitness, for example keeping and maintaining what we have already achieved can be a huge motivator. Exercising can also make us feel good, it’s common to feel …

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