Getting a six pack

how to get a six-packGetting a six pack or simply achieving a flat stomach is one of the most sought after and popular goals related in fitness, weight loss and dieting.

One of the main reasons why so many people struggle to achieve this goal is simply because of all the nonsense information that is available.

How to get a six pack?

This is very simple, you need to have a body fat percentage of around 10 percent or lower for any abdominal muscles you may have to become visible, therefore resulting in that six pack look. Training and developing your abdominal muscles via abdominal exercises will be pointless if you have too much body fat covering them, they just will not be visible. It really is this simple, no magic training routines or crazy diets or anything like that, forget all the advertisements about special abdominal training equipment, training methods and supplements.

The truth is just so straight forward and simple. You just need a lifestyle which includes more physical activity with improved eating habits to achieve your desired results.

How long will it take to get a six pack?

Well that’s mostly up to you. It all depends on your current physical condition, the amount of effort you exert in your training, how often you train and generally how active you are, and of course your diet and calorie consumption will make a significant contribution to your efforts.

Directly training your abdominals

Performing exercises to directly target and develop your abdominals is certainly not a bad idea, however it should not be your main focus. Abdominals exercises alone will simply not burn many calories which equals body fat, perform them, just don’t rely on them. There are many health benefits to having strong abs, plus developing your abs should help speed up the process of having visible abs. As your abs develop they will pop out which will make them more visible as your body fat percentage lowers.

Can anybody gain a six pack?

Many factors will be needed to be taken into account, such as genetics, metabolism, age and current body fat, the truth is it may not be possible for everybody the achieve this goal. For most people, with the right information, diet and activity levels it should be a realistic achievement.

What is a four pack?

Some people may only have or be able to achieve what is known as a four pack, this is for two main reasons. First reason is, the lower stomach area is one the hardest areas to lose fat from, so the upper and middle abs may only be visible.

The second reason is to do with your abdominal muscles themselves, they may not be developed in such a way where a full six pack can be fully seen, however targeting certain sections of your abs via the appropriate exercises maybe able to correct this.

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