Sep 16

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

There is absolutely loads of information out there to do with weight loss. However because there is so much information out there, some if that information conflicts with each other, and it can all become a little confusing.

I aim to pick out all the best tips based on my research and personal experience, and I hope to put an end to some of that confusion.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips

One of the biggest tips that I can think of is not thinking of weight loss as a temporary activity or goal, instead make it a permanent yet gradual change. Completely rule out the idea of only a temporary change of habits, I don’t believe this way of thinking is very productive. It may be difficult to change the way we think about diet and exercise but I believe it is necessary for success in this area.

Be aware of things like your ideal weight and body mass index. Sometimes we fail to notice small gains in body fat, but over time it can lead to a surprising amount of added body fat. If we keep track of these gains they’re less likely to get out of hand.

Keep track of your calorie intake, sometimes people are unaware of just how much they’re eating. It may feel like we are not eating that much, however often people are eating far more than they actually realize. Having a rough idea of our calorie intake could help to prevent weight gain via fat increase by simply having that knowledge.

Understand the potential health risks to being overweight and the reduction to the quality of our lives. These risks range from diabetes, circulation problems, serious back and knee problems, also mental health issues like depression.

Balanced lifestyle! balance is very important. Balance between good healthy foods and our little indulgences, it’s okay to treat ourselves, however there has to be balance between to two if you want to control your body fat. As well as balance in our diets we also need a good balance between exercise, rest and relaxation.

Why do we need to eat? seems like a silly question to ask however it seems like many people have forgotten. When we feel hungry our bodies require nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals, that’s basically it, and that’s what we should keep in mind when we choose something to eat. This connection between understanding what our bodies need and hunger seems to be lost, many people just relate food to pleasure, and forget why we really need to eat. We should be enjoying what we eat however that basic reason for food shouldn’t be lost or forgotten.

I realize these are not your standard weight loss tips, which is good because there are so many of those floating around anyway. My final tip on weight loss and reducing your body fat percentage is this, be patient, results take time.

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