My Athlean X Review. This workout system was created by Jeff Calvaliere who is a personal trainer for professional athletes and celebrities. He was also the assistant coach and head physical therapist for the New York Mets.

Athlean X Review

The goal of the workout system is building muscle mass and simultaneously burn body fat. Achieving muscle mass and burning fat at the same time is a difficult task to accomplish, the Athlean X system claims to achieve just that. Claiming to outperform workout systems such as the popular P90x.

The Athlean X workout system includes a 90day program, including workouts and a diet plan to follow. It provides you with the actual exercises to perform, the frequency to perform them at, the level of effort required and the days to train. The system includes workouts and exercises designed for both gaining strength and conditioning.

The workouts on the P90x system are around the 60 minute mark which is a little long in my opinion, however on the Athlean X system the workouts are a more manageable 30 minutes long. You could also probably complete some in around 20 minutes.

Ideally you need access to a gym to complete the program, however it can be completed in the home if you have the right equipment. The recommended equipment that you need is listed in the program. The equipment you will need is as follows.

  • Kettlebells
  • Pull up bar
  • Resistance bands
  • Jump rope
  • Medicine ball
  • Dumbbells
  • Balance trainer
  • Weighted vest

The program is ideal for somebody looking to get a well muscled and lean physique. If you are looking to gain as much muscle mass as quickly as you can then you may want to try some other workout systems designed mainly for muscle building.

Athlean X Review Verdict

The Athlean X workout system is definitely a well put together system. It provides you with all the information that you need to build muscle mass and burn off body fat.

The workouts are easy to follow giving clear instructions and guidelines, including pictures of the exercises being performed to help you perform them properly for maximum benefit. It also gives you a time table for performing the workouts. The example diet plans are good, they allow for flexibility so you don’t need to have all the foods listed.

The workouts target your whole body and they are definitely strenuous, exactly what they need to be. I like the length of the workouts compared to other workout systems out there. You are much more likely to stick to this system which is less time consuming. Plus the Athlean X workout system is cheaper than other comparable products such as P90x

There is loads of great free information available out there to achieve results, so do you really need to pay for this system? If you are confused by all the info out there then this puts everything into a simple to follow program. If you really need some strong direction and you are willing and committed to your goal then this program could be ideal for you.

It will get results if you follow it with dedication. I also believe there is a free trial which will be worth a look. Thanks for looking at my Athlean X Review page.

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