What are the best cheesy workout songs? this article includes my all time top 10 motivational workout songs.

Top Cheesy Workout Songs

Listening to music while you train can be a great way to keep you motivated, and also help to relieve boredom during a long workout.

I tend not to listen to music while I am in the gym because my workouts normally only last about 30 – 40 minutes. However if you like to be in the gym a little longer than that, listening to music during your workouts might be a great motivator.

Different types of workouts/exercising

  • Resistance training

Listening to music during a weight training session can be very motivational and it can increase your energy levels. This can help someone to lift more, and to push out a few more reps, which will ultimately lead to better results.

  • Running/Cycling

Many people find running and cycling for long periods of time boring, having some music to listen to can be very helpful in taking your mind off it.

  • Walking

You may not consider going for a walk to be much of a workout, yet it’s still a very effective exercise. I often go for walks and it’s one of my favorite ways to listen to music.

  • Swimming

Swimming is a fantastic exercise, both for cardiovascular and muscle development. If you can get hold of some water proof ear phones, you can listen to music while you swim.

What are the best cheesy workout songs?

For me it has to be some of the classics from films like Rocky and Scarface. The Rocky films have some of the best motivation workout music ever created.

Other good types of music tend to be fast paced music like dance music, dance music tends to make people feel more energetic which is good for obvious reasons. Rap music is another good type of music for energizing and motivating. Many rap songs are high energy and have aggressive lyrics. If you can convert that aggression into a productive form of energy, it could greatly benefit your workouts.

Any song that is about achieving goals and over coming adversity can be very motivational and energizing.

Top Cheesy Workout Songs

1. Training Montage – Vince DiCola

2. No Easy Way Out – Robert Tepper

3. Burning Heart – Survivor

4. Push it to the limit – Scarface

5. Beat It – Michael Jackson

6. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

7. Hearts On Fire – John Cafferty

8. Stronger – Kanye West

9. You’re the best – Joe Esposito

10. War Vince – DiCola

This is my own personal top 10 motivational workout songs. I realize many of them are cheesy and heavily influenced by the Rocky movies, however they cannot be beaten in my opinion.Save

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