This is a Bikini Body Workouts review, looking into the program created by Jen Ferruggia, is it worth it? There’s certainly a lot of buzz about this program at the moment.

What is it about?

It is a 12-week all-round fitness and nutrition program that enables you to gain better overall fitness, the question is, if you complete the course time, will you achieve that bikini-ready body?

The very program is formulated by Jen Ferruggia who is famous for fitness & lifestyle for women and has over 50k social media followers, whereas she enjoys great respects in the world of fitness due to her ambition of empowering women with multidimensional training packages.

Being particularly made for women, The Bikini Body Workouts program features numerous exercises, workouts and even supplements that are targeted particularly for women. It is so because there is a difference in metabolism, body needs, diet & structure among men & women, and thus, the program is derived towards women to get the most out of it.

It’s designed for women of all ages, and the kind of exercises it comes with are thoroughly efficient without badly impacting the muscles & joints.

What does it require from you?

Due to the inconsistent routine of a lot of people, The Bikini Body Workouts programs are designed in a way that it works around your schedule perfectly, where you could easily make 30 minutes room for it.

It suits the working women and even homemaking ladies ideally as they could conveniently work it around their busy schedule. However, it is important to understand that it is pivotal to commit for at least 12 weeks to gain the best possible results.


Workout videos:

There are over 50 customized videos with this guide where Jen inculcates about the exercises and a right approach to undertake them. Not only that, she directs exactly the ways in which the exercises could be performed safely over the time of 12 weeks.

Text copy in PDF:

In case if you are the one who learns more by reading instead of watching videos, the Bikini Body Workouts program also features a workout guide for the home and gym, so that you could follow the program as per your own certain space and needs.

Diet & nutrition guide:

If you are spending a lot of effort and time in workouts over the 12 weeks but you have not changed your food and diet routine, then it is highly unlikely that you would get the desired results. So, Jen has crafted the proper Nutrition Guide to follow for 12 weeks so that your body can deal with the exercises properly.

Grocery list:

Not only that Jen made you a proper routine to follow, but at the same time she has also formulated a list of groceries that could help you towards this diet.

List of supplements:

The offline and online markets are full of health and training supplements but general, women always have this problem where they find it difficult to ascertain which one suits their needs. Hence, Jen offers a recommended supplement list that is chosen to go well with the whole The Bikini Body Workouts 12 weeks programs with key focus & inculcation of their benefits on the body.

Booty Blast in 21 days:

The Bikini Body Workouts features a bonus guide that is derived towards the shape of your hips, which is designed to work wonders within 21 days. Buttocks is that body area that concerns a lot of women around the world, and Jen has dealt this apprehension as-well, with a specific guide to bring your hips into a well affirmed shape.

The Bikini Body Workouts Cost

There are a lot of health and fitness programs that are available in the online markets, however, the results-driven from them are often unproven, and expensive. In comparison to that, The Bikini Body Workouts features full fledged details, step-by-step guidance and a combination of diet plans as well, at a very affordable cost of $29.99 which is a onetime price.

Just for instance if we compare this price with another Bikini Guide Program by Kayla Itsine, that is priced at $138, way much higher than The Bikini Body Workouts. Without a second thought, $29.99 for The Bikini Body Workouts seems like a far better ideal. There’s also a complete money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for what ever reason. Thank you for reading my Bikini body workouts review.

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