This page has a selection of weight training workouts to target individual body parts. Some of the workouts can be completed in the gym, others can be performed in the home with little or no equipment.

The gym workouts will require a full array of gym equipment, including free weights and resistance machines.

If you’re serious about weight training, building muscle mass and increasing your strength you really should consider joining a gym with access to all the basic equipment, and with weights heavy enough to simulate those muscles.

You don’t necessarily need access to a gym to make gains in muscle and strength. However your improvements and gains may take longer and they will be less substantial with using only a limited selection of equipment or only using body weight exercises.

The below workouts are designed to work specific body parts resulting in muscle and strength improvements. These workouts are ideal if you’re looking to improve and build up a specific area of your body.

It’s more common to train multiple muscles in a single workout (split workouts), however if you’re a more advanced lifter or if you really want to develop a particular muscle group these workouts are ideal. If you prefer to train multiply muscle groups in your workouts you can simple combine the below workouts.

Take time to warm up properly before attempting any workout.

Weight Training Body Part Workouts

  • Shoulder workouts Resistance workouts using some of the best exercises for developing your deltoids and broadening your upper body.
  • Bench press chest workout – The bench press is probably the best upper body compound exercise that you can do. This workout includes different variations of the bench press.
  • Chest workouts – Using the bench press alone is not the best way to fully develop and get a full rounded looking chest, these workouts include different exercises for full pectoral development.
  • Back workouts Strengthen and build up the muscles in your upper, middle and lower back, the workouts include some of the best and most effective exercises for developing the muscles of the back.
  • Arm workouts Three workouts for your arms, develop your biceps and triceps for bigger, stronger and better looking arms.
  • Leg workouts Full lower body resistance workout to develop your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves.
  • Abdominal workouts – Two abdominal workouts, one for muscle development and the other for toning the whole body including the stomach area.