This page has three beginner arm workouts. These workouts are good for solely isolating, building, strengthening and shaping the muscles in your arms.

beginner arm workouts

If you’re a beginner to weight resistance training your main focus should be on compound exercises such as the bench press and lat row exercises. Compound exercises will give you the biggest gains in strength and muscle mass.

Such compound exercises will also work your arms, however if you’re a more advanced lifter or you’re struggling to build size on your arms you may want to try some arm isolation workouts like the ones below.

If you want good arms training your biceps and triceps equally is very important. It’s a common belief that the bicep is the largest and strongest muscle in the upper arm however this is not true, the tricep is in fact the largest and strongest muscle in the arm. The tricep makes up about two thirds of your entire upper arm size and it shouldn’t be over looked.


This is the muscle on the outside of your arm in between the bicep and tricep, it’s a large muscle in your arm yet it’s normally over looked. If you want good arms training your brachialis is important, it is worked during normal bicep curls. However it can be focused on more by changing the technique of the bicep curl, for example narrow grip barbell curls or hammer curls focus more on the brachialis.

The below workouts focus on all the areas of your arms for full and balanced arm development.

Beginner Arm Workouts

Dumbbell Arm Workout
Alternating bicep curls310 each arm
Single arm over head tricep extensions310
Concentration curls38 - 10
Bent over tricep extensions38 - 10
Gym Arm Workout
Standing reverse curls38 - 10
Lying tricep extensions38 - 10
Bicep curls with preacher bench48 - 10
Standing cable tricep extensions48 - 10
Wrist curls310

With the below super set workout, perform the first two exercises together, perform one set of each exercise without resting between exercises, complete all the sets and then rest and then perform the second two exercises together.

Super Set Arm Workout
Standing barbell bicep curls

Cable tricep extensions
48 - 10
Barbell curls on a preacher bench

Both arm tricep kickbacks
48 - 10

See the following pages for performing various types of bicep curls and tricep extensions.Save