This page includes two workouts which has variations of the bench press. The bench press is a fantastic upper body compound exercise that deserves its own workout.

Who is this workout for?

As the bench press is great for building up and strengthening the chest, shoulders and triceps. This workout is ideally suited to someone that wants to build up those muscles, especially the chest muscles. This workout includes variations of the bench press to fully work the upper, middle and lower pectorals.

Chest development can be a problem area for some people. Some individuals find it difficult to add muscle mass to the chest, if that’s you, give this workout a try.

Benefits from performing this workout

This will strengthen and build the muscles in your chest/pectorals and shoulders/deltoids, this workout will improve your upper body appearance and strength. The bench press is also great for working your triceps which is the largest muscle in your arm.

The Workout

Perform a warm up consisting of light resistance exercises, for example, press ups or perform 1 or 2 sets of the bench press using a light weight.

Bench Press
Bench press variationsSetsReps
Flat barbell bench press410 - 15
Incline dumbbell bench press410 - 15
Decline barbell bench press410 - 15
Drop set flat barbell bench press310 - 15
Chest Bench Press Workout

This workout will probably cause delayed muscle soreness with 24 hours, to help prevent muscle soreness you can perform a few cool down exercises after completing the workout. Including stretching exercises for the pectorals, deltoids and the triceps.

Workout Tips

  • Use enough weight so that you are reaching muscle failure on the final reps.
  • Get somebody to help you (spotter) it will greatly help with getting results and improve safety.
  • Stretch after your workout to help avoid muscle tightness, and also to aid recovery.
  • Don’t neglect training your back, see beginner back workouts.