Beginner Leg Workout Routine.

If you really want a good physique you must train and develop your legs. The below beginner leg day workouts will work, tone and build up your Glutes, Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Calves. Including a home, beginner and a more advanced workout. There is a workout for the home, and one for the gym.

Don’t skip leg day

Some gym enthusiasts neglect their legs and just focus on upper body training, this can lead to imbalances. Plus having a well built upper body with under developed legs will look out of proportion.

You should develop and strengthen all your leg muscles equally to prevent imbalances in the appearance of the muscles. More importantly it will improve your athletic performances and it will also help to prevent injuries.

Training legs for fat burning

Most of the muscle in your body is in your buttock and leg area, for this reason training your lower body will burn more calories than training your upper body. So if you’re looking to lose fat and tone up it’s important to train your legs as it gives the best results with burning body fat.

By training your legs you’ll also get the best release of serotonin the happy hormone, and endorphin’s which are your bodies natural pain-killers.

Train Hard

Hard work is always needed when you’re trying to improve your body, however this is especially true when you’re trying to develop your legs. The muscles in your legs and your glutes are accustomed to working much of the day, for this reason you really do have to work them very hard to pack on muscle mass in your legs. Anything less than 100% effort is unlikely to have much affect, however everybody is different, some people will develop better and quicker than others.

About These Leg Workouts

This first home leg workout can be performed without any equipment, however dumbbells can be used to add resistance to the exercises.

For the other two workouts you require access to exercise equipment or a gym. Plus there is a graphic below including 3 more workouts for the gym.

Equipment Needed

  • Leg Extension Machines – Thigh & Hamstring
  • Calf Raise Machine or Step
  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Squat Rack
  • Leg Press Machine

Beginner Leg Day Workouts

Home leg workout
Lunges410 each leg
Squats410 - 15
Calf raises415 - 20
Step ups330
Gym leg workout one (beginner)
Front thigh leg curls310 - 15
Rear hamstring leg curls310 - 15
Leg press410 - 20
Calf raises315 - 20
Gym leg workout two (advanced)
Squats410 - 20
Lunges410 each leg
Deadlift410 - 15
Calf raises415 - 20
Leg press415 - 20
Beginner leg workouts.

The sets and reps in these workouts are only an example. In the advanced workout you can reduce the sets to 3 as the workout is fairly demanding. I recommend a minimum of 3 sets per exercise for best results.