Beginners bodybuilding workout, ideal for starting out in bodybuilding, this workout is inspired from some of the best most experienced bodybuilders.

Beginner Bodybuilding Workout

This workout is designed for beginners, however many of the exercises require time to master the techniques. You should master the technique of any included exercise before attempting the full workout. This workout is very similar to one recommended by a professional bodybuilder.

Keep in mind that getting results and building a great body takes time and commitment. We humans tend to look for results quickly (instant gratification), this can sometimes lead people to giving up after a short while because they don’t get the instant results that they are looking for. Building a great body will take time, there is no natural way of getting around that. Improvements will become noticeable gradually not dramatically, so patience is important.

You should already have some weight training experience before attempting these full workouts, if you don’t have much experience simply reduce the amount of sets and reps. You may also want to skip a couple of the exercises until you have more experience and when your body is more accustomed to weight training.

As a beginner you will more than likely suffer from some serious muscle soreness the following day after your workout, this is normal and it should reduce as your body becomes more accustomed to the training.

It’s common for guys when just starting out to go straight for the Bicep Curls, but this is a mistake. The main focus should be on compound exercises as they will build the most muscle mass. Compound exercises will create a good solid foundation, once you have that foundation, exercises like the Bicep Curl will come more into play.

Workout duration

Approximately 50 Minutes


Three times a week – at least one rest day between workouts

Muscles worked

  • Day one – Chest and abdominals
  • Day two – Calves, back, abdominals and arms
  • Day three – Abdominals shoulders and legs

Once you’re comfortable with the resistance and the exercises you ideally should be¬†training to muscle¬†failure on the final reps for best results.

Beginner Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Barbell bench press46 - 8
Dumbbell chest flyes46 - 8
Upright rows46 - 8
Leg raises310
Sit ups320
Seated pulley rows46 - 8
Barbell rows46 - 8
Sit ups410
Lying tricep extensions (Skull crushers)36 - 8
Barbell bicep curls36 - 8
Calf raises410
Hanging leg/knee raises410
Dumbbell shoulder press46 - 8
Upright rows46 - 8
Front/thigh leg curls38 - 10
Hamstring curls38 - 10