Workout & Exercise Accessories For Safety

Lifting weights and exercising in general can be a dangerous game.

As well as using good technique and performing the exercises properly there are other things to consider when getting the most out of your workouts and training safely.

Workout & exercise safety accessories

Weight lifting support belt

If you use good technique a support belt is not always required for most exercises, it mainly comes into play when you lift heavy with exercises such as the Deadlifts and Squats. It’s very important to keep you back straight and your core tight, and a weight support belt can help with that. It may be common knowledge that weight belts are designed to keep your lower back straight, they also have a second job which is to compress and apply pressure to your abdominal area which helps to stabilize your core. The most effective belts will be the ones which have an equal amount of width for the entire belt to provide full support to your mid section.


Your workout clothing should be comfortable, well fitted to your body type, and it should allow you to move freely. There also shouldn’t be any items that are dangling that could get tangled up in any equipment.

Decent footwear

Wearing suitable footwear is extremely important if you plan on performing any exercise that requires you to stand up, especially if you are lifting heavy weights. Two exercises that this really applies to is the Deadlift and Squats, you really don’t want to be performing either of these exercises with poor quality or badly fitting footwear. Ideally footwear should fit you perfectly to allow for good balance, soles should be in good condition to allow your feet to be perfectly level with the floor.

Weight lifting gloves

A decent pair of weight training gloves will offer improved grip when lifting those weights. The gloves are usually well padded which will take some of the pressure off your palms which will prevent too much pressure from being a applied to specific areas of your hand, which should help to reduce injuries and strains to the tendons.


This offers improved grip, especially helpful if you have a tendency to get sweaty palms and you like to lift heavy. Chalk is often used by lifters when performing the Deadlift as a good grip is very important with this exercise when lifting heavy. Improved grip will also help with many other exercises with both performance and injury prevention.

Best Home Exercise & Fitness Equipment

What is the best exercise and physical fitness equipment for the home which is effective and inexpensive?

You can have a fantastic workout without leaving your house, below is a list of some of the best exercise equipment that you can purchase for the home.

Pull Up Bar

Pull ups is a great upper body exercise, in fact it’s one of the best exercises you can do. It will strengthen and develop your upper back muscles, your shoulders, forearms and your biceps.

Other exercises can also be performed with the pull up bar, such as hanging leg and knee raises which are great for training your abdominals. Pull ups bars are cheap to buy and easy to store away. They are normally attached to the insides of door frames, just make sure the bar is securely fixed in position before exercising.


Dumbbells are great, probably the best single piece of exercise and physical fitness equipment that you can buy because of the large array of exercises and body parts you can train with them. I have a set myself which get regular use. With a set of dumbbells you can achieve a good all round body workout, they’re cheap to buy, small and easy to store and if they have removable plates they’re easy to adjust.


You can also have a great all body workout using just one of these, they’re also cheap to buy, however they require more free space to use safely and to store away. If you’re serious about training at home one of these would help you achieve a good overall workout.

Weight Bench

Again if you’re serious about training at home, a weight bench combined with a set of dumbbells or a barbell could give you a great all body workout. Some weight benches come with a leg exercise extension to further enhance your workout. With a weight bench it will allow you to expand your array of exercises and offer a better platform to perform your current exercises.

Bull Worker

Bull workers are light weight and easy to store, they offer good resistance training, the first piece of home exercise equipment I ever used was a bull worker. Dozens of exercises can be performed on one of these, especially good for shoulders and arms, they offer a nice variation to other home fitness equipment.


If you’re not able to get out of the house for a jog or walk for whatever reason a treadmill might be the answer for you. They can be expensive and they take up a lot of space, however if that’s not an issue for you they are a great way to exercise.

Jogging burns off calories quickly and it’s one of the best exercises for cardiovascular improvement. Jogging will also tone up and build muscle on your legs and stomach which will increase your bodies rate of burning calories. Jogging is one of the best exercises you can do for overall slimming and toning and getting that flat stomach or six-pack.

Rowing Machines

Good for improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It provides good resistance training for both your arms and legs. Also rowing doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints as say jogging. Out of the two exercises I would choose this, it’s a better all round workout with reduced risk of injury and wear and tear to your joints.

Abdominal Roller

They offer good controlled movement for a really good abdominal crunch. However with a little practice you can get really good form without using one of these.