Beginner Fat Burning Workouts

Free fat burning and body toning workouts. These beginner workouts include resistance exercises with high repetitions and a combination of cardio exercises for the gym and home, with and without exercise equipment.

About these workouts

The following workouts are designed with fat loss in mind which will result in getting a more toned body. Success with these workouts is dependent on a few things, your diet being one of those things. If you’re eating too much or eating the wrong foods you may not get the results you’re looking for. Your diet is very important to your success. Foods you should never eat.

Another very important factor is the amount of effort you put into these workouts. The effort you give will obviously have a massive difference with regards to the amount of fat you’ll burn. Plus frequency, how often you perform the workouts.

Fat Burning Vs Weight loss

Fat Burning Fingerprint

I prefer to use the term fat burning as suppose to weight loss. This is because you can burn off a significant amount of body fat while your body weight can only slightly change. This is because a balanced diet and exercise can increase bone, muscle density and muscle size which will add body weight. You may actually gain weight while still reducing your body fat percentage, the benefits of this will improve your health and appearance.

Aerobics for fat burning

Aerobics is very good for burning calories, also toning and strengthening the body, however you don’t need to rely only on aerobic classes. Some days you may not be able to attend classes and other days you simply may not feel like an hour long aerobics session, you need to be able to exercise on those off days. Fortunately you don’t have to spend an hour every time you exercise, and fortunately there are plenty of exercises you can do at home that don’t require any equipment.

Fat Burning Workouts

Beginner fat burning workout routine

There is a big difference in some of the recommended reps for some of the exercises in these fat burning workouts. This is due to people having different levels of physical fitness and ability. Adjust the reps to suit your ability level.

This workout can be performed in the comfort of your own home with little time needed.

Fat Burning
Body Weight
Home Workout
Star jumps320
Squat thrusts320
Jogging on the spot (knees high)21 minute
Press ups/knee press ups315 - 20
Lunges315 - 20 each leg

This workout will burn the most calories. It’s also good for improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Fat Burning
Cardio Workout
Treadmill (steady jog)5 - 10 minutes
Ski machine10 minutes
Rowing machine10 minutes
Lying knee raises50
Sit ups420

This is a good high repetition workout using pin cable machines, high repetitions will burn a higher amount of calories. The exercises are much easier to perform using cable machines, they’re also safer.

Fat Burning
Resistance Machine Workout
Machine leg press 420
Thigh leg curls320
Hamstring curls320
Machine bench press420
Machine shoulder press320
Lat pull downs420










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