So what are these foods that you should never eat if you are looking to lose weight and burn body fat? Some foods are just useless when it comes to providing our bodies with nutrients.

When the foods we eat don’t provide the nutrients our bodies need we will continue to be hungry, and if we continue to be hungry we will continue to eat, and if we continue to eat, we will get fat.

Foods you should never eat?


Bread is a complete waste of time and it should be excluded or mostly excluded from our diets. Even whole wheat or brown bread is not that good for us, and it should be avoided if you are looking to lose some body fat. Excluding bread completely from our diets maybe a little extreme. However bread should definitely not be a big part of our diet, as it is almost completely useless in terms of providing our bodies with nutrients.


Some people live on this stuff, it’s basically just liquid candy which can contribute greatly to gaining body fat, plus it’s very bad for our teeth.

Fried Foods

Fried foods are very high in fat, especially saturated and trans fats which increases cholesterol and blood pressure which can lead to all sorts of health problems. Plus fat has twice the calories of protein and carbohydrates so it has the potential to make us fat. They are often the cause of stomach problems such as stomach pain and acid re-flux.

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice is often considered as something healthy and in some ways it is. The trouble is, a glass of orange juice for example has a hell of a lot of sugar in it. This sugar can cause weight gain plus, it is very bad for our teeth. A single glass of orange juice can contain the juice from as much as 5 oranges, have you ever seen anybody eat 5 oranges? the answer is no and eating 5 oranges is not good because of the above reasons.

Sports Drinks

This is another one that may seem healthy mostly because of the way they are advertised. You will see sport stars or professional athletes drinking them, and we naturally think they are healthy. However actually they are not, sports drinks are high in sugar and calories, and unless you are training like an athlete they should be avoided. Even if you are training like an athletic the benefits that these drinks provide are questionable and unproven.


Bacon maybe delicious but it is one of the worst things that we can eat, it’s high in sodium and trans fats which greatly increases the risk of certain serious health problems. Trans fats should be avoided at all costs, it’s a chemically man made fat, and expects are now realizing the potential health risks.


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