Free Simple Workout Info Graphics

Here is a few free simple random workout info graphics. Simple workout routines designed to burn body fat and increase muscle mass.

These workouts include various different training methods, including, super sets and drop sets. Some of the exercises need access to a gym and resistance equipment, others are body weight only exercises.

Full Body Drop Set Muscle Building Workout

Simple Drop Set Muscle Building Workout.

Full Body Super Set Workout

Free Simple Super Set Workout.

Fat Burning Home Workout

Simple Free Fat Burning Home Workout.

Home Workout Two

Simple Home Workout Routine

Muscle Building Fat Burning Workout

Basic Muscle Building Fat Burning Workout.

Always use good technique, technique first, the weight on the bar is secondary, and always perform a warm up and train safely.

Remember that your diet and calorie intake is incredibly important when trying to reduce your body fat percentage and when attempting to gain muscle mass.