Add some variety into your workouts and get a fighters body like the UFC and MMA star, by following this Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine.

Conor McGregor is the biggest name in the UFC right now, known for his fighting ability and also his fighting tongue.

Conor McGregor Success Quote

The training these guys undertake is different to other sports. They have to train their whole body in every way, and in every aspect of physical fitness and martial arts to prepare for a MMA contest.

One of the things that makes Conor McGregor stand out from other UFC fighters is his unique style and movement. His physique is built for speed, power and agility in equal measures with a clear emphasis and fascination with the movement of the human body. This focus on movement is what leads to his unique style, and it all starts with his training.

Conor says he doesn’t like to stick to training routines, instead he does whatever he feel like at that particular time, and his training includes a great deal of variety. This includes stretching, cardio, strength building, balance training, movement training, plus all the various styles of martial arts that he practices.

However, for this Conor inspired workout I will only include some of his various resistance and movement exercises in order to focus on building a physique like him. Rather than becoming an actual fighter.

Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine

Rest for 1 – 3 minutes between sets and exercises. The example exercise duration’s and reps are set purposely low, you can obviously increase these as your fitness levels increase.

Warm up

Perform each exercise for 1 minute

Arm Circles

Stand up straight with your feet around shoulder width apart, with your arms straight, slowly start to rotate them backwards and forwards.

Hip Rotations

Stand with your feet just wider than shoulder width apart, place your hands on your hips and rotate in both directions for 30 seconds.

Knee Ups

Alternating with your left and right knees, raise each knee up to your stomach or higher at a controlled steady pace.

Jogging on the spot

Bring your knees up nice and high and continue at a steady pace for 1 minute.

Motion Exercise

Lizard Walk – 3 sets of a distance of 20 feet each set

Get yourself in a push up position. Move one hand forward, and at the same time move the opposite leg forward, repeat with your opposite limbs and continue to move forward. If you struggle with this keep your body higher to make it easier until your strength and technique increases.

This is a bit difficult to explain, but you can find plenty of videos online showing the correct technique.

Body Weight Resistance Exercises

Try and complete the total reps suggested, break them into sets if needed.

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