Are you looking for some good high protein food sources? if you want good quality protein for muscle development and repair at a reasonable cost then read on.

Whey protein supplements are heavily advertised and some of these protein supplements can be very expensive and you might not want to spend that much which is understandable. The foods below offer some alternatives for those of us on a budget.

Good Cheap High Protein Sources


Eggs are definitely cheap and they are a great source of protein. They also include amino acids which help with muscle recovery. Plus there is a wide variety of ways in which they can be prepared.

Whole Milk

Milk provides similar benefits to protein shakes, giving your body a quick release of protein into the body. Milk is ideal to drink just after your workout and anytime to top up your protein levels and it offers a cheaper alternative to whey protein supplements.

Tinned Tuna

I always have my cupboard stacked full on tinned tuna. Tuna is an excellent high protein food, it is tinned in a variety of different ways, for example with spring water, sunflower oil and brine. You can also buy it flavored with herbs and tomato to name a few examples. A small 80 gram tin can include nearly 20 grams of protein.

There have been some studies that suggest that the high levels of mercury in tuna can be bad for our health so just don’t over eat it.

Chicken Steaks

I often buy pacts of chicken steaks from the supermarket, they are normally good quality chicken and you can get up to 8 steaks per pact at a low cost, providing the content for 3 to 4 high protein meals. I normally include vegetables to make it a complete meal.


Beans are a nice cheap option, there are many different type of beans and their protein values differ, however they are all still a good protein source. Some example beans are Lentils, Black beans, Pinto beans and Soy beans.


Yogurt, maybe surprising to some but it is actually a good source of protein. Greek yogurt has the highest quantity of protein making it the best choice of yogurt for bodybuilders.


Peanuts are really cheap and they provide a high percentage of protein, avoid salted or crispy coated peanuts because they are not very healthy. Peanuts do have a high percentage of fat but much of the fat is non-saturated (good fat). I know peanuts are not actually nuts, however on the subject of nuts you may also want to consider cashew nuts, walnuts and almonds.

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