This is a list of good gym rules, gym codes to follow and general gym manners and good behaviors. You want to be a better gym member? Here are some of the biggest do’s and don’ts for good gym etiquette.

Good Gym Rules & Manners

Bring a towel

Nobody wants to have to lie down in a puddle of your sweat. Plus you don’t want to lie down in someone else’s either, and if you don’t mind you should do. Wipe down any equipment you have been using if you need to.

Put your weights back

Show consideration to other gym users and put your weights back, especially if you have used up half the entire gyms supply of plates. No one cares about how much weight you were lifting. If you want to impress someone, show that you are not consumed by your ego, that’s far more impressive than any weight you were lifting.

Give people space

Don’t invade people’s personal space. Don’t use the bench right next to somebody if there is plenty of free space. Also if you are waiting for someone to finish on a particular piece of equipment, don’t hover over them. If the gym is busy sometimes you just have to wait, or do another exercise until it’s free.

Don’t be too loud

Being too loud by grunting during your reps, talking too loudly or dropping your weights. Again it just goes down to showing consideration for other gym users.

There is no need to excessively grunt or to drop your weights from a great height. Is it simply being egotistical, looking for attention or simple thoughtlessness? Whatever the reason, there is no need for it.

Don’t use equipment to keep your stuff on

Don’t use one bench for your phone, another for your towel and then sit on a third one. I have actually seen this. Some people seem to think they own the gym. Their ego boosting and status seeking has gotten out of hand.

Don’t use up all the weights

I have seen people using the leg press with 16 or more 20kg plates stacked up on it, leaving none left for anyone else to use. What makes it worse is that when you see guys using that much weight they don’t even perform the exercise properly. This is ego or ignorance, pick one.

Equipment Hogs/Socializing

Some people use the gym like a social club, using up space and hogging the machines. You want to talk, fine, just find somewhere that doesn’t disrupt anyone else’s workout to do it.

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