How to do the Landmine 180, and muscles worked? It’s also known as the Russian Twist exercise. This effective core exercise just requires a barbell to perform.

The landmines 180’s exercise is a less well known yet highly rated exercise which targets the abdominal area and the muscles at the side of your stomach your oblique’s. The Landmine is a very useful piece of equipment which is ideal for performing this exercise however it’s not essential as the barbell can be placed in any fixed position.

While this exercise is listed as an abdominal exercise it also targets other muscles in your core muscle group, making this an effective exercise for improving core strength.

Exercise InformationLandmine 180 Muscles Worked

  • Primary – Abdominals, Oblique’s
  • Secondary – Shoulders, Glutes, Lower Back and Arms
  • Exercise Type – Compound
  • Equipment Required – Barbell, Landmine(Optional)

Exercise Technique

  • Place the barbell in a landmine or any securely fixed position and make sure it’s loaded with a suitable weight.
  • Pick up the barbell with both hands and raise it to shoulder height, you should place your feet just wider than shoulder width with your knees slightly bent (Starting Position).
  • Now rotate your hips and lower the barbell down to one side so the barbell is in line with your waist, keep your arms extended with your elbows slightly bent.
  • Bring the barbell back up to the starting position and rotate to the other side and repeat for your desired amount of repetitions.
Landmine 180s

Landmine 180 Tips

  • Always keep a good grip on the barbell with both hands.
  • Use slow and controlled movements.
  • If you perform this make sure the area is free from obstructions as the exercise uses a swinging motion.

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