How to do the pec deck machine, the common pin weight resistance machine. Giving step by step instructions, and what are the exercise benefits?

There are a few different versions of the pec deck machine. The two most common machines are, one which has a vertical grip for your hands and your arms are kept almost straight with your elbows slightly bent. How the exercise is preformed affects the muscles worked.

The other machine has two pads for your inner elbows to rest, with grips which are above the pads, elbows are normally bent at about 90 degrees.

Pec Deck Muscles Worked

Each machine gives good benefits to the pectorals, working to develop both the inner and outer areas of the chest. It also works your shoulders and arms.

Pec Deck or Bench Press?

The bench press is my main chest building exercise and it should be yours. You shouldn’t rely on the pec deck as a primary chest building exercise, the bench press should be your main focus. Include this exercise as an addition. It’s commonly used by experienced weight lifters and bodybuilders as a finishing exercise and to target the inner areas of the chest.

Pec Deck Exericse Risks

I have read articles on the pec deck potentially being damaging for your shoulders, over stretching the front of your deltoids, also causing stiffness in the rear of the deltoids.

I have used the pec deck as a regular exercise in my chest workouts for many years and I have personally not experienced any problems performing this exercise myself. However that doesn’t mean that the reports and concerns are not valid. Like with all exercises, if you use good technique and a comfortable weight you will reduce the chance of any injuries and increase the potential benefits.

The pec deck machines allow you to adjust the angle of the hand grips and the seat height. Make sure you adjust the machine correctly and select a comfortable weight.

How to use the Pec Deck Machine

  • Use a suitable weight and keep your back flat against the back rest.
  • Slowly bring your arms together and squeeze and tense your pectorals.
  • Hold in that position for a moment and then allow your arms to slowly return to the start position.

Try and keep the tension on your muscles by not allowing the weight to drop.


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