How to perform the single arm linear jammer shoulder exercise, also known as barbell levers or jammer press.

This shoulder exercise makes a great addition and inserts some added variety into your shoulder workouts. I have personally found this exercise really effective for targeting those deltoids, resulting in an almost instant burn and pump.

This page includes how to perform instructions, including a video and exercise tips.

Single Arm Linear Jammer Muscles Worked

  • Primary Muscle Worked – Shoulders/Deltoids
  • Secondary Muscles Worked – Chest & Triceps
  • Exercise Type – Compound
  • Equipment Needed – Barbell, Landmine (optional)

Single Arm Linear Jammer Benefits

  • It mainly targets your front deltoids but also works the middle area, improving shoulder strength and mass.
  • It adds workout variety which is good for motivation and triggering muscle growth.

Exercise Technique

  • One end of the barbell needs to be placed in a stable and fixed position, for example the corner of the room. There is also a certain piece of equipment that can be used to slot the barbell into, which is called a Landmine, some gyms will have these. Place weight plates onto the other side of the bar (use an appropriate weight).
  • Pick up the bar up with both hands and hold it around your chest, place your feet in a wide stance and bend your knees slightly, this is your start position.
  • Now keep your core straight and then with one arm push the barbell out in front of you, keep your elbow slightly bent then lower the barbell down to your chest returning to the starting position, and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Exercise Tips

  • This can be done with either a slow and controlled movement, or an explosive movement. As a warm up, start off with a slow and controlled movement.
  • Start off using a light weight to master the technique.

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