Exercise & Fitness Motivation TipsDo you struggle to stay motivated to exercise? this page gives you some tips and ideas on how to stay motivated to fitness and keeping in shape.

Many things can keep us motivated to fitness, for example keeping and maintaining what we have already achieved can be a huge motivator. Exercising can also make us feel good, it’s common to feel good and relaxed after strenuous exercise and also to feel a sense of achievement.

Exercise releases serotonin a hormone that makes us feel happy, it also releases endorphin’s which are natural pain-killers. These feelings and benefits can become additive and a strong motivator over time.

Exercise & fitness motivation tips

  • The first step is understanding the benefits of exercise, almost all the things you enjoy now will be improved by adding regular exercise into your life.
  • Understanding exercising doesn’t have to be unpleasant and time consuming.
  • Find someone to workout with, you are far more likely to succeed if you have a friend that has the same goals as you, you can motivate each other. Statistics show people who train with a friend are more likely to exercise on a regular basis.
  • Get fit for the right reasons, you should take pride in your appearance, this is a good reason to get into shape. Exercising to make somebody else happy is not a good reason to stay motivated.
  • Reward yourself for completing workouts, set exercise goals, if you achieve your goals treat yourself.
  • Have plenty of variety in your workouts, if you just do the same exercises and workout methods every time you will probably just get bored.
  • Listen to music or watch TV while you train.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of what is fact and what is just a common fitness myth.

Not all of the benefits will be obvious to begin with, you may need time before you can truly understand and appreciate certain things. For example the feeling you get from having a good workout then eating something healthy to fuel your body is a powerful and additive feeling.

Why do people fail to stay motivated?Just focus on yourself quotes

This is an example that I have seen many times, someone decides they want to get into shape, maybe they’re going on holiday. Whatever the reason, they go on a very strict diet and start working out 2 hours a day or more. Not many people will be able to keep this up for very long, which is not surprising especially when they don’t see dramatic results. It takes too much effort and it’s too time consuming, they just quit and go back to the way they were before. I have seen this pattern many times before. (don’t do it)

The key is to make slow gradual changes to your lifestyle, forget the all or nothing mentality this will normally not work, patience and persistence is the key here.

How I prevent boredom

Another reason people give up is because they find exercising boring and repetitive. Sometimes I also find exercising boring, this is why I often limit my workouts to 30-40 minutes. I also mix up my training methods, I often incorporate super sets and drop sets into my workouts.  If I am training at home I normally watch TV or listen to music while I train.




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