Limited on time to train? here is a 2 day split workout routine for beginners, or those that can’t be in the gym all day every day. If you are looking to build muscle It’s normally recommended that you train at least 3 times a week, however good gains can still be made by a 2 day split workout frequency.

2 day split workout routines for beginners

Good gains can be achieved from a 2 day split workout routine however there are some limitations to what can be achieved. It can be difficult to make good gains in strength in certain exercises once you get to a certain level of performance. However if there was a particular area of your body or exercise that you wanted to improve, you could perform that exercise or train the area in both of your workouts.

Workout Duration

Anything is better than nothing but ideally you should be looking to get at least a good 50 – 60 minutes of workout time if you want to make gains with just two days training.


With such a limited time to train a strong focus should be on compound exercises, so you are targeting as many muscles as possible during each exercise. Isolation exercises can still be good but they should be limited to only 1 or 2 per workout.

Workout Days

What days you choose to train is entirely up to you. You can train Mondays and Thursdays or just at the weekend. Your body will get plenty of chance to recover and repair.

Workout Type

This workout will be a standard workout of 3 – 4 sets and resting between sets while increasing the weight.

Always spend a few minutes warming up before starting your main workout and perform the first set of each exercise with a light weight. Make sure you know how to perform each exercise correctly and safely. Ask an instructor to help if necessary.

2 Day Split Workout Routine for Beginners

2 Day split workout for beginners.

Workout  1 Chest, Back & Biceps

Barbell bench press58 - 12
Bent over row48 - 12
Standing bicep curls48 - 12
Deadlift48 - 12
Incline dumbbell press48 - 12
Pull ups or lat pull downs58 - 12

Workout  2 Legs, Shoulders & Triceps

Squats48 - 12
Shoulder press58 - 12
Leg press58 - 12
Tricep extensions48 - 12
Calf raises38 - 12
Shoulder raises48 - 12

I would recommend adding an abdominal exercise to each or at least one of the workouts

With only two workouts a week your body will get plenty of time to rest and recover so make sure you train hard. Try to reach failure on the final reps of the last two sets, however never compromise on your technique for the weight you are lifting.