Losing Weight the Healthy Way

I personally dislike using the term weight loss because it’s not fully accurate nor are the techniques always healthy, what I mean by this is that there is more to getting fit than simply losing body weight.

losing weight the healthy way

I realise that peoples goals can be very different. Individual goals may range from simply losing a few pounds to reducing their body fat percentage considerably. Whatever your goal, it is important to focus on the healthy part of weight loss.

Weight loss is not bad but it’s healthy weight loss that we should keep our focus on. If we focus too much on our actual weight it can lead some people to focus on the scales, and this is not necessarily the best way to judge if we need to lose some body fat.

Our weight can change day by day by several pounds or kilograms depending on various factors. Such factors as how much we have eaten that day, how much exercise we got, how much we drank and the current weather and temperature to name a few. It is important to keep in mind that if our weight goes up or down it doesn’t necessarily mean that our body fat has actually increased or decreased.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you improve your eating habits and begin exercising on a regular basis you may increase the amount of muscle mass you have, which may add a few pounds to your body weight. (A slight increase of weight on the scales is not always a bad thing!) sometimes a little extra weight is healthy.

How to tell if we are overweight?

The best way is to simply take a look in the mirror, or give yourself a little belly fat pinch test. Keeping track of our weight can be helpful, however try not to rely on it too much, or get obsessed with the scales.

Some people weigh themselves constantly, and if they don’t see a good reduction, or even worse they even gain weight, then that can be massively demoralizing. Possibly leading them to completely give up their efforts or even causing depression.

It would be beneficial if people just forgot about their actual body weight completely. Focusing too much on our weight can lead to bad habits, including extreme unhealthy diets such as staving oneself, which is obviously not good.

Remember to always include the word healthy in weight loss, or replace it with fat loss which is much more accurate to our goals.



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