Biggest Bodybuilding Diet MistakesWhat are some of the biggest diet mistakes that weight lifters/bodybuilders make when trying to build muscle mass? this article is about the top diet mistakes that I have noticed and witnessed.

Eating well is a very important part when it comes to muscle development and fitness in general. Unfortunately there are a fair few myths and misconceptions floating about which people sometimes pay attention too.

Some of these diet misconceptions will not only limit development they could also potentially lead to health problems and increase the risk of injuries.

Over the years I have encountered many weightlifters and potential bodybuilders and I have heard all sorts of different advice and stories on what to eat to make the best gains. Unfortunately much of what I was told was completely nonsense or at best an exaggeration of the truth.

Biggest diet mistakes for building muscle

Consuming too much protein

One of the most common pieces of bodybuilding diet advice, is to consume massive amounts of protein! Some guys will have diets consisting almost entirely of meat and protein supplements, and much of it will be poor quality and high in saturated fat. The trouble is the body can only cope with a certain amount of protein at any given time, so much of the protein will simply not be used by the body.

Consuming too many calories

Has anybody given you this advice? “just eat eat and eat” or “just eat as much crap as possible” the reasoning behind this is to consume lots of calories. It’s true you do need a calorie surplus to build muscle mass, however this idea can just be taken to the extreme which is what happens here. Simply consuming too many calories will make you fat. If those calories are coming from junk food you are not going to be getting the right nutrients into your body, and without the right nutrients you will not improve or develop.

Only eating protein on workout days

I am not sure if this is common, however this is something that I use to do. I use to think that consuming protein was only necessary on days that I went to the gym. However this is a big mistake because our bodies need protein continuously. Our muscles grow and our bodies repair on our rest days and during sleep, so consuming quality protein is essential during rest days.

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